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The Best Budget Golf Shoes

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Skechers Boy's Blaster Golf Shoe, Black/Red, 6 M US Big Kid
  • Lightweight boys golf shoe
  • Replaceable soft spikes
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra flight foam
SaleBestseller No. 2
Skechers Women's Max Golf Shoe, Gray/Blue Heathered, 7 M US
  • Spikeless, durabel grip TPU outsole
  • Ultra-lightweight, responsive ULTRA Flight cushioning
  • GOGA MAX insole delivers enhanced high-rebound cushioning
  • Water resistant
SaleBestseller No. 3
adidas Men's Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoe, Grey, 10 Medium US
  • Lightweight, breathable, stable feel
  • Lace closure
  • Textile and synthetic upper
  • Durable non-marking adiwear outsole with X-Traxion primary lugs for grip and balance and...

Buyer's Guide

How To Find The Best Budget Golf Shoes

Have you ever walked into your local sporting goods store to find budget golf shoes? If you have, then you probably already know that they aren't what they used to be. In fact, they are some of the worst shoes that you will find anywhere. They are designed to give you the least amount of support while minimizing your ability to rotate your feet.

So why do so many people still wear them? And what can you do to get the right golf shoes for your game? The most important thing is to find a pair of shoes that you love, and that allows your feet to feel comfortable and supported as you swing. Not all golfers think that the comfort of their swing can have much of a bearing on their overall scorecard, however. Instead, walking the course again, or long distance walk-abouts, but more often - golf Cart-riders are out there for hours, and yet walk great distances with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

That said, if you have worn a pair of cheap golf shoes for any length of time, then you know that they aren't built to last. Cheap material, short shelf life, and weak construction means that buying cheap is a recipe for poor quality. This is why you need to know the pros and cons of each style, and choose accordingly. Below we review 12 different styles of footwear for you to consider.

Tubeless: This is a relatively new design in golf shoes, and the pros are fairly quiet about it. Basically, tubeless means that there is no physical connection between your foot and the club, so airflow gets to your skin and your swing stays the same. It also ensures that you get more grip, because without a physical seal, air cannot push through between the club and your toe. There are a few cons with this style of shoe, namely that they don't offer as much traction as non-tubeless, and that the fit may be a little loose.

Spiked Mesh: This is the best of the Budget Golf Shoes genre, offering you tons of grip, maximum stability, and the greatest amount of airflow. The mesh offers breathable mesh, meaning you can stay comfortable even when your feet are hot, which is always a plus with golf shoes. The spikeless option here also offers great traction and great breathability. Unfortunately, these tend to be a little bit expensive, but are very durable and offer super stability.

Leather + Spiked Mesh: For those of you who play in relatively cooler climates, these shoes offer just the perfect solution. Leather offers incredible grip and great traction, as well as the benefit of allowing the feet some breathing room. This is especially useful for golfers with wide feet, or for those who wear tall boots, as the extra room in a leather shoe can serve to help keep feet more airy and less trapped in the heel of the boot.

Stability Tip Golf Shoes: If you're more comfortable in the sand or even on the greens, then a stability tip is probably the best option for you. These offer great balance, cushioning, and comfort. A stability tip has been around for a long time and works on the same premise as non-tip golf shoes, offering a lightweight alternative to heavier stable shoes. Typically, this is a low profile alternative designed for golfers with less than a 3.5 inch heel. This shoe offers tons of comfort and excellent stability, making them a great choice for casual players or weekend warriors. They typically offer a wide width and lack of spikes, allowing for easy mobility and great comfort.

Outsoles & Insole: Here are the components of every good golf shoe, regardless of price point or style. There should be a thick rubber outer sole that provides support and traction. There should also be a flexible EVA midsole to absorb shock and move quickly. Coverage for the top of the foot is provided by cleats or spikes. To finish, there should be weather protection included as well as a sturdy rubber grip on the bottom to provide support and stability.