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The Best Cricket Shoes

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Bestseller No. 1
KD Vector Cricket Shoes Rubber Spike Atomic Pro Hockey Sports Studs Indoor Out Door Trek...
  • Phylon sole
  • Please Refer to Size Chart (Image No 6) before Selecting the Shoe Size. Shoe Size is for Regular...
  • Sizes Listed for Sale As Per India / Uk Size. US Size is One Size Higher Than India/Uk Size. Eg...
  • Phylon sole. Color: White-Black. Outer Material : Mesh,PU.
Bestseller No. 2
SOLM8 - Cricket Shoes Rubber Cleats for Turf & Field Sports Pink Navy
  • GELFOAM INSOLE : Made From Proprietary Foam With Arch Support And 8mm Heel Bounce to Play...
  • ULTRALIGHT & BREATHABLE : Lightweight, Flexible Stroble Upper With Micro-perforation To Keep Your...
  • FASTSTRAP STABILITY : Secure Fastner Straps To Boost Your Confidence And Keep Your Feet Stable While...
  • FLEXIBLE RUBBER CLEATS : 5mm Tall Multi-directional Rubber Cleats To Keep You Grounded Even On Rough...
Bestseller No. 3
NEWBERY Cricket Limited Edition Elite Performance Spike Shoes | White/Blue/Green | Unisex Cricket...
  • LIMITED EDITION ELITE PERFORMANCE SPIKE CRICKET SHOES: Newbery Performance Cricket Shoes are built...
  • SUPERIOR FIT AND ATHLETIC FEEL: Newbery shoes have an EVOPro sole for a functional shoe without the...
  • PREMIUM RESPONSIVENESS AND DURABILITY: The Elite Performance spike shoe has a durable, lightweight...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR ALL PLAYERS: As our founder John Newbery set in his philosophy, we aim...

Buyer's Guide

Tips For Buying Professional Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes, or boots if you prefer, are a very important part of any player's kit. It has become a necessity in the game of cricket. While it used to be that players just chose normal runners, cricket shoes have changed over the years. Now, players have many different options when it comes to what type of footwear they need. Let's look at some of these options and which one is best suited to what you need!

There are three main types of cricket shoes - leather, full grain leather, and full sole. Among these, the full sole is the most expensive. But it offers the maximum amount of grip, is the most comfortable, and generally provides the best performance. One of the other differences between them though is that full grain leather cricket shoes tend to be much sturdier, and thus give the most support, than their cheaper counterparts.

Another factor to consider is whether to go for leather or synthetic. Both have positives and negatives. For example, leather is much more durable and therefore able to last longer. They also look better, especially if you have a bright, colorful pair! However, the main negative about leather cricket shoes is their lack of flexibility. As a result, they tend not to last as long as a synthetic pair.

New Balance has recently released a range of cricket shoes called the N-strike range. These are made from a special rubber called PCC. As the name suggests, this rubber is special because it reacts to light in a different way to regular tennis shoes. This means that New Balance cricket shoes have extra grip on soft ground and help keep cricketers more stable when running and batting.

Cricket shoes should always be put on with a good care. If your pair of cricket shoes starts to slide around inside when you're playing then it's time to take them off. When a pair of shoes begins to slip this can lead to bad posture - another cause for injury. In fact, a badly worn pair of cricket shoes can even lead to muscle strain and bruising - the worst case scenario.

The last point to consider when buying a pair of good cricket shoes is whether you prefer the rubber or steel spikes. Steel spikes were traditionally used by all but the most successful bowlers, but new technology has meant that rubber spikes have been developed which make them far easier to use for the majority of players. It is worth shopping around to get the best pair of spikes for your feet; some brands such as Prince & Excelil have developed some uniquely designed rubber spikes which are particularly effective for fast bowlers and those with large feet.

Before committing to a pair of cricket shoes you should always fit them well so that they fit snugly to the foot. New cricket spikes are made from a material called PU foam which is a hard plastic similar to that used in exercise shoes; this material provides a firm grip on the sole of the shoe which is very different to the grip provided by leather and canvas. If you find a pair of cricket shoes that don't fit well - or fit too loosely - then you will be stuck with an unhappy fit for the entire duration of your career. You'll inevitably end up changing manufacturers!

One final point is that puma cricket shoes tend to offer better grip because of their rubber soles. Good quality brands such as Puma can almost feel like real shoes, especially when worn by professional cricketers. However, there is also a trade-off. The higher cost of these shoes means that they are also more prone to damage.


Do you need cricket shoes to play cricket?

Spiked shoes are required for all cricketers who play on grass. A rubber outsole is usually recommended for those who play on synthetic turf. Personal preferences, financial situation, and budget are all important factors to consider.

Why do you need cricket shoes?

There are some distinctions. One difference is that cricket shoes are designed specifically for cricket. They are generally more powerful and supportive. Cricket shoes frequently have spikes on the sole (bottom) of the shoe to provide grip on various surfaces.

Which shoes are best for playing cricket?

The best cricket shoes for fast bowlers are as follows: Full Thrax Field Power Spike:2.0 ASICS Alpha Speed 3 Full Spikes 5.0 1.0 Kookaburra PRO 1500 Rubber Stud...4.0 Nike Potential to Cricket Stud... 5.0 GM Cricket Stud: Additional Items... 3.0 Puma EvoSpeed one8 Virat Kholi...

What is the price of cricket shoes?

Usher Beacon Price List Decathlon Men's Usher Beacon PRICE (RS), FLX Decathlon Men's White PU Cricket Shoe Rs. 1999 Puma Men's Spike Red and White Rs. 5849 for 19.2 Cricket Shoes 6 rows ASICS Men's Green Strike Rate FF Cricket Shoe Rs. 9999

What equipment do I need for cricket?

Save the batsmen! A helmet, wicketkeeping pads, and inner gloves are required for wicketkeepers. Wicketkeeping gloves are also required. Take a look at our Cricket Protection and Wicketkeeping products. A Cricket Bag will be required to store all of this equipment.

What kit do you need for cricket?

A bat is required in addition to gloves, batting pads, and a helmet. A box is also a good option. We will break down all of the equipment you will require to ensure your safety. The first thing you'll need is a cricket bat.

Do cricketers wear socks?

Today, cricketers spend a lot of money on specialized cricket shoes that support their feet and help them perform better. Cricket players must wear high-quality socks. They are designed to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

Can cricket shoes be used for running?

A cricketer's knees and ankles are subjected to a great deal of strain. A good pair of cricket shoes is essential for relieving pressure and making running more enjoyable.

Do you wear cricket spikes when batting?

Batters prefer shoes with front spikes for traction and rubber-treaded heels. Fast bowlers prefer shoes with spikes on both the front and back. They also have extra ankle support. You don't need to buy two pairs of shoes if you're an all-arounder. Only one pair of cricket shoes is required.

Are cricket shoes spikes?

Spikes are found on shoes worn outside. However, the design and application of cricket spikes will differ. This is located in the middle of your sole, between the outsole and the insole, and is responsible for the majority of its weight. This component is intended to absorb shock. Some are for your comfort, while others are for your support.

What shoes does Virat Kohli wear?

Virat Kohli X PUMA Eight Men's White Spike 19.1 Gold Collectors Edition Cricket Shoes EVA: The EVA midsole ensures comfort with every step. Outsole: The rubber-plated rubber outsole with removable spikes keeps you agile and provides energy bursts when needed.

What are the lightest cricket spikes?

01 cricket shoes were created in the United Kingdom to be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. This shoe weighs only 430g.

Can we remove spikes from cricket shoes and play?

The spikes on the shoes can be removed and stored separately. By doing so, the spikes will not rust. If you keep an eye on your spikes, you'll notice when it's time to replace them.

Why do crickets have spikes?

Spikes for cricket Cricket shoes are available with or without spikes. Most cricket players prefer these shoes because they provide more traction. The configuration and number of spikes, as well as whether or not the spikes can be removed, will be determined by the manufacturer.

Can you use football cleats for cricket?

American football shoes are directional and can also be used for rugby or cricket.

Which shoes do Indian cricketers wear?

An ex-India captain had a different shoe preference. He wears CCS Custom Cricket Shoes, an Australian shoe company, as opposed to his teammates, who wear Nike, Adidas, or Puma.

Do cricket shoes have toe protection?

While cricket shoes have always been a part of the game, the emphasis on extra toe protection has made cricket spikes feel heavy and cumbersome. As a result, many cricket shoes are designed for "all rounders."

How many spikes do cricket shoes have?

9 strategically placed spikes for superior traction.

What is spike in cricket?

Spikes are an essential piece of equipment for any level of cricketer, no matter their age or ability. Cricket spikes can help you improve your grip while batting, bowling, or fielding. This can have a significant impact on your performance. A firm grip can boost your speed, acceleration, and agility.

How many legal bowled balls make an innings in cricket?

When it comes to bowling overs, there are some tactical considerations to keep in mind. Because a bowler only has six legal balls before having to hand the ball to another, the bowler usually plans to use six of those balls to create a play pattern that will get the batter out.

What are the basic requirements of cricket?

Tools and equipmentA pink, white, or pink ball with a cork base wrapped in twine and leather. The term "bat" refers to a wooden bat. The stumps are three wooden upright poles that together form the wicket. Bails are two crosspieces of wood that are placed on top of the stumps. More items can be found here.

How many thigh pads do you need in cricket?

The thigh pad is a lightweight protection piece worn on the outside of your thigh closest to the bowler. Two straps, one around your waist and one around your inner thigh, keep the guard in place. Some batsmen wear a second, smaller thigh pad on their inner thigh.