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Buyer's Guide

Five Things To Look For When Picking Out Your Running Shoes

Running Shoes are the footwear of choice for athletes, weekend warriors and the average person who just happens to be running around. The original sneakers were designed for the track and this is why you will see them on the pros. Sneakers are not only for sports; they are also for casual wear and now even that are being used for every day casual wear. If you are in the market for a good pair of running shoes, there are a few things that you should know.

Size: It doesn't matter what type of style or design you get, you need to make sure that the size you get will fit you perfectly. There is no point in getting something that you will not be comfortable in no matter how much you want it. So first figure out where you normally wear your running shoes and then get the exact size in those shoes. You should try a couple different sizes to see which one fits better. The rule of thumb is that if you normally wear a half-inch in your running shoes then you need a half-inch in your running sneaker. It may sound simple, but getting the right size is important so that your feet will feel comfortable and it will also prevent you from buying an ill-fitting running shoe that won't help you perform the way you want.

Height: Running shoes are available in many different heights. The one thing to remember is that the taller you are when you run the more impact will be placed on your ankles and heels. For this reason, shorter running shoes are usually best for runners who are shorter like you. Shorter runners can actually benefit from a long pair of running shoes because it will prevent you from landing on your heels.

Heel Pain: There is a common myth that only flat-footed people suffer from heel pain, this isn't true. Just like any other type of pain, if you overend your heel it can be very painful. It's important to always keep your heel within an inch of your body weight when running or walking, if you overend it will just put excess pressure on your foot which will cause pain. Many times when people are looking for running shoes they overlook this important aspect and end up with shoes that are too big or too small. The reason for this is because the larger the shoe is the more weight is applied to your foot which puts more stress on your body weight and increases the strain on your legs and feet.

Motion Control: Many people make the mistake of trying to run faster by using momentum when they land, which causes them to break their center of balance. Your center of balance is very important and if you develop a habit of breaking your center of balance on every turn or jump, you will develop motion control problems. Most of the best running shoes have great motion control because of how they are designed.

Your arch: Running with a flat arch is the most natural motion you have while running, which can be very beneficial. A flat arch just forces your body to have to move differently which causes you to be lighter on your feet. If you have a high arch, it will force you to carry your weight forward which can cause a lot of extra stress on your body. This extra load on your body causes you to sacrifice your efficiency and effectiveness and can even cause you to fall flat on your face while running.

Running Shoe Stability: Another big factor that many people overlook when purchasing a new pair of shoes is the stability of the shoe. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say that the motion control of their running shoe is one of the main things that they like about their shoe, but they forget to mention the stability of the shoe. If you run in a pair of shoes that have no stability and don't have proper support, it can be very hard on your lower back and have a very negative impact on your gait. Make sure that you choose a running shoe with good stability. It will feel more natural and give you better motion control.

Last but not least, make sure that you pick up a pair of running shoes that feel comfortable. If they are not comfortable, you can't do anything in them that you would enjoy. You need to run in a pair of shoes that you are going to be able to enjoy for years to come, not only today, but for the next several months and years to come as well. If you find a running shoe that you really love, you may want to shop around and try other styles so that you can find the perfect fit.