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The Best Tennis Shoes For Women

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Buyer's Guide

Tennis Shoes For Women - Choosing the Perfect Shoe

When it comes to being comfortable while out in the sun, tennis shoes for women are a must. The right walking tennis shoes are lightweight, provide a good grip, and are very durable, capable of holding up over time even when you're out playing on the tennis court during a warm, mid July afternoon. Below are some basic tips to consider when shopping for your tennis shoes for women:

* Asics All Star - The Asics All Star is one of the lightest and most stable pairs of tennis shoes on the market today. These come in either plain black or white and feature asics technology and GORE-TEX technology for ultimate comfort and breath ability. As an all season shoe, the Asics All Star has proven to be one of the most popular choices among male and female athletes. For this reason, this shoe generally sells out fast due to the popularity of the brand and demand for these shoes.

* Asics Gel Resolution - The Asics Gel Resolution features a lightweight and flexible material in the forefoot and heel portions of the shoes. This material, called the Asics Gel, has been called the best midsole in the tennis shoe industry. The Asics Gel Resolution features mesh ventilation that helps to keep the feet cool and comfortable. Additionally, the mesh midsole also offers breathable mesh for optimum ventilation that will help to regulate your foot's temperature.

* Asics Shox Tastic - The Asics Shox Tastic has the classic design of a well-liked trainer but incorporates the best sock liner in a tennis shoe. The Asics Shox Tastic has an adjustable clog, upper, and heel support that contours to your foot for maximum stability. The Asics Shox Tastic is made of durable suede and rubber.

* Nike Eclipse - When it comes to tennis, there isn't a better shoe than the Nike Eclipse. The Eclipse features patent leather and mesh details for maximum breathability. The soft fit and the precision upper cuffs and goring provide the ultimate in comfort as you make your way to the tennis court. The Nike Eclipse is a great investment as it can last you a long time due to its quality construction and the durability that is present in these tennis shoes.

* Puma Mecano - Perhaps the most comfortable of all the Puma shoes, the Mecano offers you tons of comfort as you exercise on the elliptical machine or simply run around your neighborhood. The soft cushioning on the soles allows your feet ample room to breathe while working out. The breathable midsole also helps to keep moisture away from your body, which can cause skin irritation and can lead to blisters and other uncomfortable conditions. The mesh panels on the upper add to the comfort as well as breathability so you get a great overall feeling while still keeping your feet cool and dry. The Puma Mecano also has a midsole section that locks in the shoe, which further adds to the comfort level as you run around.

* Puma Smooth - Made to feel like nothing else on the market, the Puma Smooth offers you ultimate comfort when you are working out or just playing on your tennis shoes. The smooth sole provides you with unparalleled support. The outsole of this shoe has been specifically designed to meet your every need. It not only has an outsole that locks into place, but it has cushioned balls on each side of the shoe that add extra grip and shock absorption to help you get more out of every workout. The smooth shoe also has a pre-molded footbed that conforms to your natural foot shape for a snug and comfortable fit.

As you can see, there are a number of things to look for when choosing your tennis shoes. Which do you think would be best? Do you agree with our review says that the Puma Superfly and Nike Air Max can take the abuse your feet put them through. Which do you think is more comfortable? Take the time to choose wisely and you will be happy with your choice.