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Shoes For Flat Feet

FitVille Men's Extra Wide Athletic Sneakers Comfortable Trail Running Shoes for Flat Foot with...
  • Patented PropelCore Sole: Brings your feet with both stable support and unprecedented cushioning...
  • Wide-Toe-box & High-Instep Design: Especially for wide-footer and people suffering from foot...
  • Breathable Knit Upper: Ensures your feet stay cool on a summer run, and reduce foot fatigue with a...
  • Anti-Slip & Abrasion Resistant Sole: Help you to find the happiness of outdoor exercise, even...

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The Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes for flat Feet can make walking easy. When you have flat Feet, it can be frustrating trying to keep your balance and standing on firm footing. It can also be hard because your feet can slip out of your shoes and leave you flat on your back, legs crossed, or just in pain. When your orthotics do not work well, this can make walking painful. Here are some tips from readers:

The best shoes for flat feet generally support your arch region; have roomier toes and a small heel. These are just the types of footwear to seek out if you have flat foot problems. Some women also swear that extra padding and cushions in their sandals or shoes provide extra comfort and even help to add more spring back into their walking.

Shoes with a high heel are good for people with flat feet. Because they keep your heels at a minimum, you will feel more comfortable walking. The low heel also keeps your foot from slipping off of the ground, which prevents you from ending up with a painful injury. Some people find that putting a tennis ball under the ball of your foot before they put it on helps to keep the feet and legs comfortable. If you need to walk around with an incline in order to get around, try to find a pair of shoes with a bit of an incline. A good idea would be to purchase one of those with rubber soles instead of spikes.

The vionic support system in a good shoe will make walking on flat surfaces more comfortable. The vionic effect is the extra arch support and stability that is built into the insole of the shoe. This support goes right to the bones of the foot, giving them extra stability. Vionic support also helps to give you more durability because the materials used to construct the insole are stronger than materials used in other types of shoes.

For people who have flat feet and are looking for a comfortable style that does not necessarily conform to the shape of their foot, vases and sandals are the way to go. There are a few different styles of sandals to choose from. Flip-flops, sandals with a built-in heel bed, and sandals with a curved insole are all available in the type of sandal that is most comfortable for people with flat feet. Sandals are a great way to still be stylish without giving up any of your comfort.

Wedges are another style of shoe that are especially well-suited for those who have flat feet. These come in both sandals that have a high heel and those that have a flat heel. Wedges provide the foot with firm, secure support, while being able to maintain its natural arch. While they are lacking in cushion, they do provide plenty of support to keep those feet comfortable.

Mules are the best shoes for flat feet that feature a natural arch. Their raised heels provide both arch support and the appearance of an arch, while their raised insoles prevent your feet from slipping inward against the inside of your shoes. This provides excellent arch support and keeps feet comfortably locked in place.

People with high arches can wear sneaker-style shoes or boots with a neutral, boxy upper to match the shape of their feet. The neutral midsole and outsole in these shoes help to keep the arches intact and allow your feet room to spread. This is ideal if you tend to land on your big toes from time to time. The uppers of these sneakers are made of leather for maximum durability and comfort. Boot or ankle boots are sometimes made of neoprene to offer extra foot support and reduce the weight that is added to your feet when you walk.

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